Mystic Materials

About Mystic Materials

Mystic Materials is a supplier of quality plastic films offering a large variety of products to fit different packaging needs including manual stretch films, machine stretch films, VCI, UCI, Caution tapes, adhesive back-coated, and printable films among others. We are hereby partnering with leading manufacturers in USA and also have state of the art manufacturing facilities in India,to make  sure that we offer you international-standard products at the best prices.

We understand the growing significance of quality plastic packaging, Mystic Materials is catering a wide range of industries including food and beverages, apparel, agrochemicals, personal hygiene, pet foods, cosmetics, confectionery, pharma, e-commerce, automobiles, Furniture, banking & logistics, etc.

We are one of the Global chief distributors of 100% Recyclable Linear Low-Density Stretch Films and other packaging products. Our logo represents us. With its hexagon shape, it reflects the base molecular shape of a polymer which is the basic raw material of our all products.

Our films are based on cutting edge technology in terms of dimensions, thickness, durability, and strength. With our environment-friendly thinner films, our customers can derive a reduction in their carbon footprint whilst maintaining their pallet integrity. Mystic materials strive to continually be recognized as the most progressive company in the pallet wrap/ stretch film packaging sector.

 We are dedicated to distributing an ever-expanding portfolio of packaging items, which both meets our customer’s cost requirements and ensures their supply chain management is efficiently maintained.

Our mission at Mystic Materials is to provide quality, premium, and innovative products to our customers.

What MYSTIC MATERIALS can do for you:

  • Provide Heavy Duty Stretch films that are made from virgin linear low-density polyethylene or LLDPE polymer.
  • Provide high-quality stretch film for unitizing your products during storage and shipping.
  • Full protection for your pallets against dirt, moisture, and dust with our glossy and slippery outer surface stretch films.
  • Stretch films with higher mechanical properties, extreme pre-stretching qualities and unbeatable strength allowing a greater load holding power. It offers great cling, stretch and tear resistance. 
  • Optimize the stretch film in use for your products, pallet wrapping equipment, and pallet configuration.
  • Continuous product development and improvement for increasing packaging efficiency.